Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are acquiring a new restaurant or are considering adding multiple properties to your hotel portfolio, License Management Advisor’s team of expert licensing professionals will work alongside your development team to ensure that the liquor license transfer process is fully examined and appropriate action is considered when developing the project schedule.  By partnering with License Management Advisors, your development team will always be fully aware and informed of all of the options and the potential threats to the project timeline, thus allowing them to make decisions that will affect the overall financial success of the project.  License Management Advisors will manage all of the complexities of the license transfer process allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Efficient, Cost Effective Transactions

When you are acquiring (or selling) a property, the liquor license transfer approval often triggers the closing of a transaction and is a critical component to a successful acquisition. License Management Advisors is your single-source solution to ensure a timely, effective transaction, so you avoid unnecessary delays that will negatively affect your bottom line.

Geographic Familiarity

The process of acquiring or transferring a liquor license varies  in each municipality, county or state as each locale may have their own regulations and requirements.  Why burden your in-house professionals with the time-consuming process of learning complex regulations in each geographic area you serve?  It’s certainly not the best use of their time and does nothing to improve your profitability.

We understand the process, know the routine, and have the necessary contacts so we make the entire liquor license process flow smoothly, effectively, and profitably.  License Management Advisors will work alongside your development team and senior management to bring transactions to fruition in a timely manner and ensure that all of your licensing needs are met in each city you serve.

As your liquor license project manager, we can serve every need regarding your liquor licenses across the country, including brokerage, renewals, amendments, compliance, alcohol service training, and mystery shopping.  You get one point of contact and efficient, predictable and profitable results.