Renewal & Amendments

Every liquor license must be renewed annually, and every state, city, and town is different with caveats in some jurisdictions or municipally, specific regulations and requirements in others. When you operate units across the country or in several different geographic areas, simply renewing the liquor licenses can be a full-time job… and a huge headache. It doesn’t have to be.

Plus any changes you make in management, ownership or changes to the facility require amendments to the license, and most states or licensing authorities require reporting and/or approvals. Again, with multiple locations in various municipalities, navigating this maze is time consuming and diverts focus from what you do best.

License Management Advisors has the expertise, knowledge and insight to handle your renewals and amendments in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our experts will work side-by-side as needed with your legal or financial department, so your licenses are compliant. Our detailed license reporting is another way to prove to ownership that their assets are being managed in accordance with the agreement.