Compliance Training

With a team of highly specialized professionals, your management staff and employees can be trained on the compliance nuances of each location. We’ll help you adopt industry best practices and adhere to the regulations specific to each location.

Training includes:

SAFE ID Check®is a three-year certification program on the best practices for the safe sale of alcoholic beverages designed to meet your specific needs and providing up-to-date training on recently issued government identification and methods to detect commonly used fake identification.

Guest Intervention Strategies: a three-year certification program focusing on best accepted practices including:

  • Standard House Policies
  • Admission Policies
  • Identifiable clothing
  • Communication devices
  • Guest confrontation and intervention

Monitoring services: We’ll provide private compliance checks for your staff.

As part of our licensing consultation, all businesses are invited to participate in a comprehensive assessment to determine your licensing needs and whether outsourced licensing is right for your business. Contact us to schedule your assessment.