Liquor License Management

Having experts on your team is paramount to success. Equally important is having experts who thoroughly understand the local market.

Liquor License Renewal and Amendments Liquor License Compliance Training
Liquor License Integrity Audits Liquor License Mystery Shopping

As a chain or national company, it’s not always best to rely on the largest national attorney who lacks the intimate knowledge of local rates, timelines, and regulations. From legal experts to licensing personnel and accounting professionals, local market knowledge and insight paves the way to your success.

Your benefits:

  • Save money on legal fees for renewal management (some clients save over $100,000 per year)
  • Reduce administrative time and resources
  • Ensure compliance across all locations
  • Protect your business from costly missed renewals or compliance citations

Managing your licenses If your business operates in multiple states or municipalities, keeping up with liquor licensing requirements for each location can be a full-time task, especially when faced with laws and regulations that may differ in each location. Our extensive market knowledge is the solution to help your thriving business stay on top of licensing matters efficiently and economically, regardless of the location.

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