Liquor Licensing For Restaurants, Taverns & Bars

Running a successful hospitality enterprise takes time and skill. As a restaurant company or bar owner, you have to manage staff, inventory, marketing, inspections, and a long list of regulations, including liquor license requirements. Managing liquor licenses can be a full-time and challenging task. But it’s vital since so much of your business revolves around your liquor license. Maintaining compliance with all of the rules and regulations is critical in order to avoid suspensions and/or revocation. If you operate in multiple states or municipalities, the license challenges increase dramatically.

Atlantic License Management Advisors is your solution to stay on top of all of your liquor license matters efficiently and economically. With our knowledge and expertise, we help you manage every aspect of your liquor license, maintaining and overseeing all licensing requirements that you must meet to operate seamlessly and in compliance with varying state laws and regulations.

When you partner with us, we’ll help you avoid or eliminate the challenges associated with liquor license maintenance and compliance:

  • Reduce expenses, keep overhead low, and create a predictability of annual fees associated with liquor license management
  • Stay current on local and state regulations, including zoning in multiple geographic areas
  • Maintain current licenses for all locations
  • Minimize risk: Get alcohol management and service education plus expert oversight on state and local liquor license requirements before they are due
  • Avoid violations
  • Current compliance training for your staff

As your license management partner, we provide a full range of services:

  • Guidance and consultation to assess all of your licensing and compliance needs
  • Annual license renewals and reminders
  • Acquisition or sale of existing liquor license
  • Valuation of current license portfolio and potential expansion areas
  • Legal assistance for preparation and submission of required state and local applications
  • Compliance training for your staff
  • Guest intervention strategies
  • Integrity bar audits: avoid theft and waste
  • Mystery shopping

Contact us to learn how we can eliminate your liquor licenses challenges and headaches and to find out more about our customized service packages.